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Why podcasts are taking over World Cup 2018

The World Cup always sees a technology break through into the mainstream. This tournament might be the rise of the podcast.

Preview: Digital Sport sponsors Best Football Podcast at 2018 Football Blogging Awards

This year’s FBAs takes place tomorrow night, and Digital Sport is delighted to be on board as a category sponsor.

Channel Four and Arsenal Fan TV linkup shows how ‘online media’ is now just ‘media’

Channel Four’s latest venture, a fan-led football opinion show, proves that traditional broadcasters are now online content creators the same as everyone else.

VR and AR aren’t new, but new tech can bring them to the mainstream

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality are not new concepts, but the application of old ones to the new technology available. As technology grows, so will they.

ESPN show how broadcasters have to allow for the changing faces of sports fans

ESPN’s latest innovation in live sports broadcasting shows how taking all types of sports fans into account is the best way to keep your audience interested.

Podcast: The Offside Rule podcast on the problems of monetisation

It’s not just because of Digital Sport Insider that we keep coming back to podcasts on this site, it’s because they’re really very much having a moment. Over the last

Weekly Wrap: The end of the transfer window and a change of tack from Facebook

The end of the transfer window is a fevered few days of rumour, innuendo and often downright silliness. We’ve seen transfer announcements go viral on Twitter and plenty innovation all

Weekly Wrap: Goals, Sports Entertainment and more live sport on Twitter

Twitter’s recent moves to add as much live sport to their platform as possible took an interesting turn this weekend with the arrival of BT Sport’s Score programme, streamed live

Sports podcasts are now everywhere – but we really shouldn’t be surprised

The proliferation of podcasts over the last few years has been massive, so much so that there are too many to listen to and, now that subscriptions have become a

What has a year in podcasting taught you? An interview with Dan McLaren

Over the last year, Digital Sport founder Dan McLaren has been raking up the numbers on the Digital Sport Insiders podcast. It was the end of August – just 11