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What the entertainment industry can teach sport about OTT disruption

What disruption in the entertainment sector could mean for sports broadcasters.

NBA experiments with microtransactions for the final quarter of games

The NBA could be about to offer fans the ability to pay for just the final quarter of its games from now on – just in time for the arrival of the playoffs.

Sport is embracing on-demand content, but how far can that go?

As sports organisations and publishers create more and more on-demand content, just how far can sport move away from live action?

Twitter agrees deal to stream live MLS matches this season

Major League Soccer and Twitter agree a wide-ranging deal which shows the mutual benefits that come from social media live-streaming.

Juventus and Netflix announce release date for docuseries First Team: Juventus

Juventus’ much-awaited collaboration with Netflix now has a release date – but what can we expect?

The big OTT trends are just the tip of the iceberg – the rest is more important

More and more sports are going it alone to live stream their events to the public directly. The trend is growing, and it’s arguably the most important part of the OTT debate.

Snapchat and Instagram aren’t in competition, they’re two sides to the same coin

Over the last few months there seems to have been a marked shift in a trend towards Instagram for quite a lot of sport-related social media content. Not only have

Interview: NFL Game Pass – A Game Changer in the future of digital sports broadcasting?

The NFL is back. The first game of the regular season ended in a shock defeat for Super Bowl champions the New England Patriots at the hands of the unfancied

Are Discovery the latest provider to aim to launch the ‘Netflix of Sport’

The other week, we wrote about the exciting possibilities the new ‘Netflix of Sport’ would present for the online streaming of sport in the future. The German company behind that

Apple’s F1 bid would bring live streaming of sports right into the mainstream

Are Apple about to buy Formula One? That’s the link that one of the sport’s most respected journalistic voices, Joe Saward, is making. It would be unlike Apple to buy