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Tech companies race for NFL streaming rights as OTT complements linear TV

NFL’s search for a tech company to broadcast Thursday night rights shows the power of live sport to the internet age.

What can sport learn from brands like Adidas and Netflix?

In 2018 plenty of new companies will be set up and many will thrive. Some might even go on to become recognisable names all around the world.

Minnesota Vikings’ new app shows how sport can leverage VR

NFL side Minnesota Vikings have launched their first VR app, potentially showing how sports organisations can leverage VR once it hits the mainstream of people’s everyday lives.

2017 Review: Top Ten Digital Sport Insider podcasts of the year

Following on from last week’s review of the articles you’ve been interested in this year, which took us by surprise to be honest, we decided to take a look at the most-listened-to podcasts we’ve loved doing this year.

Digital Sport Morning Briefing: Friday 21st December

Only a very short one from me today as I’ll be running around helping my son celebrate his birthday – the lucky wee man has 3 days of opening presents

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The NFL Experience in New York shows us how leagues are becoming entertainment providers

Just a few days ago, the NFL unveiled a new place dedicated to fans at the heart of New York City in partnership with Cirque du Soleil: the NFL Experience Times

The role of live-streaming in the soap opera sporting culture

If viewing figures are falling, and it’s not down to streaming, then why are media rights deals soaring higher than ever before?

Digital Sport Morning Briefing: Thursday 14th December

Before I get going with today’s reading list, a quick thank you to the team at Sheridan’s for another excellent Christmas drinks yesterday morning, and also to Leaders for theirs

Verizon to stream live NFL in the US as streaming services continue to grow in stature

Verizon scoops rights to live NFL streaming in five-year deal.

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Digital Sport Morning Briefing: Wednesday 13th December

As we get closer to Christmas and the diminishing number of shopping days seems to accelerate until we find ourselves in a well-known toy shop on Christmas eve desperately seeking