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Serie A showing games in cinemas is an attempt to bring the social experience back to football

Over the years, football has become less and less social, but Serie A’s new initiative could be a step to bringing it back.

How England’s social media output creates optimism about the World Cup

England usually go into major tournaments with the media on their backs. This time, they’ve created their own coverage and are much the better for it.

DS Insider: US-style European Super League could only be five years away

Football’s digital problem could push it into the arms of a money-churning European Super League in the next five years.

Why scrapping programmes is the wrong way for clubs to embrace digital progress

The EFL’s clubs will vote on whether production of matchday programmes is to remain compulsory, but clubs who wish to scrap them altogether are sending the wrong message.

Arsenal’s social media reaction to drawing Atletico Madrid was perfect

The Europa League draw was a moment for Arsenal to capitalise on social media, and they did it in a very sensible way.

Why Google’s Sports Fixture Grab Spells Opportunity Not Threat

Google might be taking results and scorelines off rugby clubs and putting them to the top of the search function, but this is why there’s no need to panic.

How MLS’s digital strategy allowed Zlatan fever to spread worldwide

Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s sensational performance for LA Galaxy allowed MLS to capture the attention of football fans around the globe.

MLS and Liga MX create Super Cup to stoke the fires of rivalry

A new competition between the winners of the US and Mexican leagues aims to foster rivalry in the North American club game.

Does VAR in football represent one extra erosion of the stadium experience?

VAR is a divisive issue in football, but is its biggest problem that it is one further erosion of the fans’ matchday experience?

Success of startup company Homefans reminds us why sporting experiences are so important

Every sport has its iconic clashes and big rivalries. A derby isn’t just the sport on show, but everything around it, too: the history, the sights of the fans, the