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Digital Sport Manchester #2 – Can VR and AR really change sport as we know it?

Following on from the first Manchester event on 25th January, we’re proud to launch the next in the series. This time exploring Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) in

In order to break into the mainstream VR needs to define what it is

Do we need a new way of thinking about what emerging technologies can bring to the world?

What we learned about the future of VR from February’s #DSLondon

What we learned from February’s #DSLondon event on the future of Virtual Reality.

Digital Sport London #17: Is the future of sport a virtual one?

In the first #DSLondon event of 2018, we take a look at the second of our monthly ‘hot topics’…. Virtual Reality. The technology is not new but it is becoming

VR and AR aren’t new, but new tech can bring them to the mainstream

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality are not new concepts, but the application of old ones to the new technology available. As technology grows, so will they.

The NFL Experience in New York shows us how leagues are becoming entertainment providers

Just a few days ago, the NFL unveiled a new place dedicated to fans at the heart of New York City in partnership with Cirque du Soleil: the NFL Experience Times

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You had to be there: How AR can bring the glamour back to watching sport in person

Augmented reality seems to be beginning to find its niche. Over the last few months, we’ve seen plenty of interesting uses for the technology across plenty of different sectors, not

Nike’s experimentation could help take AR to the next level

This week, Engadget reported on Nike’s launch of an augmented reality (AR) programme which rolled out recently in order to give customers a novel way of buying new products. One

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NBA and Bayern Munich’s innovative apps show why sport should explore AR more

This week, the NBA launched their first augmented reality (AR) app, allowing basketball fans to shoot hoops anywhere, anytime using their phone screen. The app projects a hoop and a

Sports Technology Awards launches and adds new categories for 2018

This week, the 2018 Sports Technology Awards launched, to celebrate innovations in technology in sport over the past year. This year, in addition to the normal categories, there are also