Our next event: Sports Publisher Summit, Digital Advertising and Content, 2020 & Beyond

For all enthusiasts of everything to do with publishing, advertising, sport and technology, this event will celebrate the success and challenges of online publishers from an advertising view, while looking at what’s to come in 2020.

The advertising industry is an ever changing landscape and one that impacts every single publisher choosing to monetise their content.

In a crowded market with ad tech advancing, advertisers keen to grow their client base and site owners and publishers keen to increase their revenues, this event will look to discuss the challenges they face (& the solutions in the market) on a daily basis as well as look at past successes and finally where the industry is heading.

Join over a 100 sports publishers, ad vendors and tech companies knowledge sharing and explaining how they are thriving in the market.

Drinks are included.


Monday 28th October 2019


Tom Jones – Head of Digital Operations, Snack Media

Confirmed panellists:

Louise Colyer – Senior Director of Supply, GumGum

William Miller – Owner, Crash Media

Dean Robinson – Programmatic Lead, William Hill

Natasha Whitfield-Niven – Director, Business Development, Rubicon

Tanya Spero – Business Development Manager, Teads


The event will take place at Howard Kennedy, 1 London Bridge, London SE1 9BG.

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