Snapchat teams up with NBC to produce Monday night Premier League show

The past year for social media giant Snapchat has been sort of a mixed bag. The app introduced a brand new layout earlier this year, and like all changes it’s safe to say it wasn’t popularly received by users straight away.

Though the update was certainly confusing compared to the precious layout — with Friends, Discover and Stories all shifted around — it really just feels like a small blemish on the Snapchat surge. And specifically among the younger population, Snapchat is massively popular — 78% of people from age 18 to 24 said they use the platform, according to Forbes.

As all companies should do, though, Snapchat has been attempting to expand its user base past its most loyal audience, as made evident by the new deals it has reached with the NFL and NBC. By continuing to publish and distribute content from the NFL — and introducing new content from the Premier League — the platform will be able to reach a more diverse sample interested in sports.

Snapchat’s partnership with the NFL isn’t new, as it has been producing content from the league since 2015 — “Our Stories” for example, featuring fan generated content and behind-the-scenes, NFL-produced footage, will continue to be made. Snapchat will also continue to publish a Sunday Story, which shows action and news from the NFL over the past week.

Moreover, Snapchat will be teaming up with the NBC Sports Group to produce “Premier League: Extra Time,” a weekly show on Monday highlighting action from across the UK’s top-flight league during the 2017/18 season.

Snapchat’s “Discover” page has done well in the past in large part because it has something for everyone. It has tabloid material from The Sun, interesting and topical stories from Sky News and Vice and shows stories from popular celebrities (mainly from the Kardashians). But it can’t be overstated how important the sports material has been for Snapchat.

Last season, 52 million people watched the NFL’s Snapchat material, the league announced. ESPN has produced its own Sports Center segment for the platform. It’s a clearly lucrative effort made clear by Snapchat’s decision to partner with several entities during the World Cup last month, including Fox Sports, FIFA and London-based digital media company Copa90.

With so many eyes tuned to the app every day, it only makes sense to capture the attention of sports fans through these partnerships.

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