Sky Sports launches VR with David Beckham interview

To continue their celebration of 25 years on air, Sky Sports has teamed up with global icon and former football superstar David Beckham to release a unique Virtual Reality interview exclusively on Facebook 360.

In the interview, Beckham selects his top three Premier League goals and the VR lets fans get up close and *kind of* personal with the 40 year old.

It’s a new initiative as part of the creation of the Sky VR Studios but it is likely to be the start of something bigger with the network releasing the plan to create more than 20 individual films in Virtual Reality, from major cultural events in news to big sporting events.

On May 8th, Sky Sports will broadcast the first ever Premier League match in VR when Manchester City face Arsenal.

With traditional broadcasters already under the pump from more dynamic platforms, Sky have taken longer than other sports networks to get on board with VR. Earlier in the year, Fox Sports in the US adopted VR and sports in different parts of the world have also been broadcast already in VR.

Sky’s VR executive producer Neil Graham said that while VR is coming to the industry thick and fast, the network wanted to take viewers somewhere they wouldn’t necessarily see in VR anywhere else.

“This is David Beckham like you’ve never seen him before. The final interview is incredible. At Sky, we want to create VR content that puts the viewer in places they would never be able to experience.”

Take a look at the interview below and let us know what you think.

David Beckham in 360

It's David Beckham as you've never seen him before. Watch our exclusive 360 video celebrating 25 years of Sky Sports.

Posted by Sky Sports on Friday, 22 April 2016

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