Rugby Super League clubs facing financial uncertainty

Rugby League has also suffered from the Covid-19 outbreak that’s putting all of sport, business and society on hold.

The sport is facing uncertainty over the financial implications of the virus, which has put fixtures on hold. The sport is reliant on match-day revenue earned through ticket sales and all the other revenues earned around a fixture, such as hospitality, food and drink, and of course sponsorship.

There have been considerations for playing the games behind closed doors, but this would not solve the financial issues.

Salford Chief-Executive Ian Blease spoke to Sky Sports News

“We, as a club, are worried about the lack of income.

“That’s down to working with our partners and our broadcasters to see what we can do on that.

“[Playing behind closed doors is] not off the table, but think it would be really difficult for the club to survive if we did do that.”

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