Rashford birthday celebrations show how both Man United and the player capitalise on popularity

While most official social media accounts of Premier League teams were celebrating Halloween, Manchester United were celebrating Marcus Rashford’s 21st birthday on Wednesday. The young Red Devils star was featured all over their Twitter account in videos, images, and articles and even his #MR10 hashtag was getting a run-out.

For his birthday, United wanted to celebrate Rashford’s skills and accomplishments. They shared a top ten video to show off his best goals, and shared an article that praises his effect on young children in Manchester.

As another part of birthday celebration, Manchester United allowed the Street Reds kids to ask him anything and he answered on their free app, further establishing the forward as a role model for young people in the city.

The Street Reds kids weren’t the only people who wanted to wish Rashford a happy birthday, though. United tweeted a video of teammate, Anthony Martial sending him well wishes with a thumbs up.

Birthday post are far from novel on social media – every day there’s an account celebrating the birthday of some former player of legend of the game. It’s easy-win content to bring in the likes: hitting the like button is the same as sending your birthday regards.

But this was a bit different, with more content planned and posted for one player in particular. It’s clear that Rashford’s appeal as the local boy come good makes him a star among United fans, and it seems as though the two are working together to capitalise on that.

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