Poll shows majority of Brits want sanitisation tunnels in sports venues

New YouGov study reveals full body sanitisation tunnels would increase public confidence in returning to busy environments such as sport venues (60%)

In addition, the public feel personally confident with such measures and 80% would feel comfortable walking through a sanitisation tunnel to limit the spread of Covid-19

Crucially for sports venues, 60% said it would make them feel safe or give them the confidence to return to crowded environment

21st September 2020: New YouGov survey reveals that over half of Brits would like to see additional sanitisation measures in place in public spaces and crowded places such as sports venues.

The new study – which was commissioned by the engineering experts behind the UK’s first sanitisation tunnel, the Gateway Personal Protection Tunnel (PPT) – found that 81% of people surveyed would feel comfortable walking through a sanitisation tunnel to help control the spread of Covid-19, while 60% said it would make them feel safe or give them the confidence to return to crowded environments.

Over half of those surveyed would like to see a sanitisation tunnel at their local shopping centre or pub (52%), 70% of people want to see them at airports, 61% would like them at cinemas and 60% would be happy to walk through a tunnel to watch their favourite sports team.

The Gateway Personal Protection Tunnel (PPT) is the UK’s first full body sanitisation tunnel and was designed and built by UK based mechanical engineering company, Conditioned Environment, now in its 51st year of operation. The tunnel, which resembles an airport scanner, works by spraying a person for up to 5 seconds as they walk through it with a dry, odourless sanitiser, which is proven to disable viruses like Covid-19.

The Gateway has been installed at West Ham’s Chadwell Health training ground where the Under 23s side trains alongside the Women’s team.

Christian Pearce, Commercial Director of Gateway PPT said: We know that there is real hesitancy among the British public to return to some of our favourite pastimes because of concerns about safety. We have developed the Gateway PPT to provide an additional line of defence to help slow the spread of COVID-19 , to help businesses and sports venues re-open their doors, and to drive up consumer confidence to return to normality and to start spending again.

“The data speaks for itself: the majority of people would be happy to walk through a sanitisation tunnel and it would make us all feel safer and more confident about returning to some sort of normality.”  

Media contact

For questions about the press release please contact gatewayppt@pagefield.co.uk or call 07824393305.

About the data

A YouGov commissioned survey of 2,000 adults in the UK found that:

  • 81% of people surveyed would feel comfortable walking through a sanitisation tunnel.
  • 60% would feel safe going to an event (e.g. a concert) if they knew they were required to go through a sanitisation tunnel.
  • 60% would feel confident to enter any crowded environment/building after walking through a sanitisation tunnel.
  • People would most like to see sanitisation tunnels in: Airports (70%), hospitals (70%), care homes (62%), entertainment venues (cinemas, bowling alleys, arcades etc – 61%), sports stadiums (60%), train stations (60%), shopping centres (55%), pubs/bars/restaurants (52%), schools (53%) and places of work (44%).
  • People felt that in the following places sanitisation tunnels should be compulsory for all people entering/going to this venue: Hospitals (65%), airports (62%), care homes (56%), train stations (49%) and sports stadiums (46%).

About Conditioned Environment and the Gateway PPT

Conditioned Environment is a UK based business with over 50 years expertise in delivering mechanical engineering solutions. The company started developing the Gateway PPT during lockdown to support business who would eventually be looking to open their doors to customers.

The company has partnered with two leading UK chemical companies to develop the sanitiser used in the Gateway. The sanitiser used is from the chlorine family and is x10 weaker than the chlorine found in a swimming pool, and similar to that used by dentists and ophthalmologists.

The Gateway PPT is currently being used by Peverel Court Care, a care home in Buckinghamshire, and Piano Works, a hospitality venue in London.

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