MyCujoo releases new SaaS product MyCujoo Live Services in light of strong market demand

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The Live Services product draws upon the company’s expertise as a football live streaming platform and its award-winning technology stack to create seamless streaming solutions for clients across the sports industry and beyond.

MyCujoo, the live streaming football platform, has created a new software as a service (SaaS) product called MyCujoo Live Services. The business, launched in 2014, has been lauded for the technology stack developed in-house that enabled their football platform to scale from 56 live streamed matches in 2015, to over 22,000 matches from more than 100 countries in 2019. After significant market demand from within and outside the sports industry, MyCujoo has now released a series of tools to help businesses of all sizes to create seamless, engaging live video experiences.

“We built MyCujoo Live Services because we believe all organisations should benefit from the same outstanding technology that powers the MyCujoo platform. We have listened to market demand, which has only been heightened by the COVID pandemic, and have decided to open our technology to help others deliver the same value to their customers”, according to Pedro Presa, CEO at MyCujoo. “We’ve had over 3,500 streamers worldwide use our streaming tools, from local clubs to Champions League winners to large federations. No matter the location, the industry, or size of organisation, our tools provide them with an integrated live streaming solution which empowers them to create the most engaging experiences for their audiences. We believe this makes our new product truly unique”, added Patrick Plaatje, Director of Technology.

MyCujoo Live Services gives clients access to a suite of tools that address the challenges and frustrations MyCujoo heard consistently when conducting market research. Long-lead times and expensive full-service solutions, including OTT, have made many companies hesitant to embrace the opportunities presented by live video. Thousands of hours of potentially monetisable content has been left un-streamed, whilst many rights holders are frustrated by their lack of clarity and understanding of their users having distributed live content on multiple players to a number of platforms. MyCujoo Live Services clients benefit from rapid turnarounds and the synergy provided by its suite of interoperable tools available at highly competitive pricing, which includes:

  • The ability to configure live streams in a format suited to your audience, up to 4K.
  • Forwarding your live streams to the platforms where your audience is present, including MyCujoo, YouTube, Twitch, and Facebook Live.
  • The flexibility to customise and select only the features most valuable to your organisation.
  • Driving revenues with pay-per-view, subscription, and donation options alongside a suite of innovative advertising solutions in-player.
  • Creating specific time points in videos to generate in-stream highlights, dynamic overlays, and more.
  • Easily serving single highlight videos and reels to showcase your best content.
  • Keeping communities engaged with our real-time, live chat product.
  • A single console which provides access to all MLS tools, including event creation, dynamic overlays, timers, custom branding, and more.
  • Advanced data and analytics insight and dashboards to give you a deep understanding of your audience.
  • Developer APIs to provide programmatic access to all features of MyCujoo Live Services.

MyCujoo Live Services will extend outside the sports industry to help organisations across music, entertainment, education, e-commerce and beyond tap into their world-class technology.

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About MyCujoo

MyCujoo is a team of passionate people who have changed the way football is produced, distributed, and monetised. From our founding, our mission has been focused on giving everyone the ability to live broadcast their football matches, no matter at which level they play, no matter where they are in the world.

We believe every football match is important to a team’s fans, whether they can be counted on one hand or number in the millions. The football world is a better place when all clubs, leagues, and federations have the opportunity to share their game, and we’re proud to help thousands of partners from more than 100 countries to connect with their fans via the MyCujoo platform and app.

From Afghanistan to America, Brazil to Belarus, MyCujoo saw over 22,000 matches streamed on our platform in 2019 alone. Our unique revenue share model means we help reinvest back into football, and continue to help grow the game loved by 4 billion fans across the globe.

The world-class streaming technology that continues to power the MyCujoo platform is now available to organisations across sports and beyond. MyCujoo Live Services was conceived to help organisations big and small to create engaging video experiences.

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