Miami Dolphins team up with Deezer to launch innovative partnership to excite fans

This week, music streaming platform Deezer became the official music partner of NFL team the Miami Dolphins, launching an exciting new partnership that could have interesting results for fans of the team.

Music and sport are two areas which aren’t linked in the most obvious of ways, but there are some really interesting aspects to this partnership, which brings together two important areas of people’s leisure times: sport and music. As diverse as they are, they are certainly linked by the fact that most people would list either one or the other – if not both – as something they like to do to relax.

For Deezer Premium + users who also happen to be Dolphins fans, some of the features they can look forward to include Deezer Flow: a personal soundtrack of favorite music mixed with new recommendations in one infinite stream as well as access to tonnes of music that “represents the best of the Miami Dolphins,” and includes some of the tracks that helps the players get up for games and other content including podcasts, audiobooks and sports commentary.

Beyond the most obvious links between sports teams and non-music content like podcasts and commentaries, this deal also allows for a form of storytelling that seems to seep into a new and very different area for most sports teams. Making sure that the storyline continues even when the team isn’t playing is vitally important to teams these days, and is really the remit of the social media team. But making pre-game music or your athletes’ favourite tracks available to fans in an innovative way allows your presence to venture into fans’ lives in places where it doesn’t usually venture at times that aren’t usually reached, allowing the Dolphins to be present in new spheres of the fans’ everyday lives.

You can see how a sports team can be present on game day, on social media, in the media, and even in their home city by making sure their presence is felt in the community. There are plenty of ways all of that makes sense and is currently done by most clubs and leagues. But having a presence when people are streaming music on their commute or when they’re doing their morning work-out doesn’t necessarily stand out as an opportunity. But the Dolphins and Deezer are showing that it is.

And when you think about it, there’s an obvious link. Sport and fitness are certainly very closely linked. The idea of listening to the same music that fires up the Miami Dolphins before a game is certainly closely associated with the idea of fitness motivation in the gym or when going for a run on a wet and windy morning.

It’s also the same, though perhaps a little more strained, for a commuter on the way to work hoping to find some motivation from somewhere to get through their day: again, the heroic performance from their favourite team the previous night might be able to help.

Indeed, one of the most iconic parts of any sporting event is the players walking into the dressing room. These days, most players have headphones on, they’re listening to something and it’s that music which is, presumably, getting them pumped for the game.

Miami Dolphins Senior Vice President & Chief Commercial Officer Todd Kline picked up on this when he talks about the partnership giving their fans greater access to players and personalisation of their experience, not just of the music streaming platform, but also of their favourite team.

“We’re honored to be the first North American professional sports team to partner with such an innovative global brand, giving our fans deeper access and a personalized experience through Deezer Flow,” said Kline. “This Dolphins channel gives our fans direct access to the players favorite music – be it what they listen to off the field or in getting pumped for a game.”

Whilst Deezer North America VP Jorge Rincon added, “The Miami Dolphins are a truly iconic brand that has international appeal. We selected the Dolphins as our first foray into the North American sports scene as they are steeped in tradition. This partnership allows Deezer to celebrate the players, cheerleaders, mascot and fans that are the fabric of this hugely popular NFL team.”

Not only are the Dolphins popular in the US, but they’re one of the most popular NFL teams in Europe and beyond, too, and for fans around the world, the chance to get to know players’ music tastes as well as learning what gets them fired up for a game is a chance to feel much closer to a club that many can only support from afar.

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