Manchester City announce arrival of their new sensory room at Etihad Stadium

A sensory room has been designed for children with sensory processing issues to use in order for them to enjoy the match-day experience, one which they may perhaps otherwise be discouraged to attend without the facilities now in place. This new feature can be found in the North East corner of the Etihad stadium.

Manchester City’s new sensory room offers a “full, unrestricted view of the pitch”, which can be enjoyed in a controlled environment for kids and their families. The room does also have access to the main bowl of the stadium, so those in attendance can access the match with the rest of the crowd as well.

The kids and their families are led to a fun and spacious room, with access to a play area as well, which has a fantastic view of the pitch from inside the room as well. This gives these families and their kids the option to watch the game in whichever environment they feel most comfortable with.

The rooms themselves are interactive and are possessing a fun design with plenty of seating areas including the Manchester City-styled manager’s seats as well.

During the first four home games of the season, the room was trialled by families and kids with sensory processing issues, and now the official opening of the room will occur for the Aston Villa game on the 26th October.

Speaking on the Manchester City website, Danny Wilson, the Operations Director at Manchester City, said:”After a period of successful trials we are delighted to open a sensory room at the Etihad Stadium.

“The positive feedback we received means we know that this is a space which will help those with sensory processing issues enjoy their experience without the sometimes-overwhelming sounds, sights and crowds of a usual matchday.

“Opening this space is a big step for us to continue our long-standing mission of ensuring football is inclusive for all.

“We hope that the offer of this quiet space within the stadium will encourage those who might not usually attend a game to do so, knowing that the Club will be with them every step of the way to ensure they can be a part of the matchday experience.”



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