Man United and Bayern Munich announce friendly game with a Twitter spat

It’s been a while since we saw some real ‘club banter’ on social media, certainly from Premier League clubs.

That’s usually been the domain of the likes of Roma and Bayern Munich who have US-based English language accounts aiming to engage with an American audience, who are used to their clubs having a more gregarious presence on Twitter. So maybe it’s no surprise that it’s one of those two clubs involved this time again – though not actually the English account.

During the World Cup, it’s hard for clubs to build up interest in themselves. In the pre-tournament period, United have been following Belgium, likely because of their links to the country with Marouane Fellaini and Romelu Lukaku – and of course the fact they’re both Red Devils. The Mancunian Red Devils’ MUTV channel broadcast the Belgian Red Devils’ warm up games. That’s one way of drumming up interest.

Another way might be to get into a Twitter spat with a European giant on the back of your cryptic announcement of a friendly game.

Bayern hit back to the tweet by suggestion that they weren’t looking for ‘takers’ for a friendly, but rather for penalties – a joke about England’s historical difficulties against Germany when it comes to penalty shootouts.

It was a rather wordy effort and, given United have actually won a Champions League final in a penalty shootout before, it was a weak joke too.

And when United hit back, they were able to well and truly get the better of the exchange – slapping down their rivals in a particularly brutal fashion.

Reminding the German team of th 1999 Champions League final, when United famously came from behind in stoppage time to seal a famous 2-1 victory over Bayern with a pair of late goals, the Premier League side also attached a particularly cold-blooded image of the dejected, defeated players looking on as the jubilant Red Devils team lifted the big-eared trophy aloft.

All that for a friendly game which will take place in August just before the start of the Premier League season.

But, to be honest, given we’re talking about a friendly so close to the big kick-off, expect this Twitter ‘spat’ to be more entertaining than that game itself – and it may be the only time United come out on top!

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