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The “Buzz” about Madrid

Since my social media interview with Real Madrid the club have made further moves into social media, and I recently had another chance to catch up with Oscar Ugaz, Online Marketing & Digital Business Manager at Real Madrid, to chat about Google Buzz.

How Grassroot Sport Can Go Digital

When you think of local footy you think Saturday afternoon, catching up with mates, reasonably priced hot dogs and some very cold weather. Technology doesn’t come into it, but that is starting to change. The Caufield Bears from the Southern Football League are one of the few local football clubs that have put an emphasis on digital technology.

Nike’s new ‘Write The Future’ advert – genius!

Tomorrow’s Champions League Final between Inter Milan and Bayern Munich will see the Television debut of the Nike’s new epic football commercial. Not only will TV viewers love it but it is set to become another viral phenomenon as it gets tweeted and imbedded in blogs like this around the world.

Do you have Fans and Players or Customers and Employees?

Here’s an experiment for sports teams and organizations – Substitute the word ‘fans’ or ‘supporters’ for ‘customers’ and see how that impacts the thought process behind getting into social media and which departments should be involved or ‘own’ social media.

London Sports Networker Event

Monday this week saw the first co-hosting of an event between and The UK Sports Network. LinkedIn author and speaker Lewis Howes was over from the US and, as is now customary, held an event for sports networking professionals in the city of his visit.

Do New Sports Teams Utilise Social Media To Create a Fan Base?

Gold Coast Football Club are the latest club to enter the AFL. As they prepare to enter their first year in the league, whilst still playing in the secondary league VFL, how do they establish a new fan base? Can they use social media to reach others in the football community that weren’t previously aware of them?

Had a Bad Season? Focus on Customer Retention

Those clubs who have been successful may be developing their marketing strategies to focus on recruiting new fans, growing their membership, increasing their brand reach and improving sales of merchandise. For those at the other end of the spectrum they should be focused on one thing – Customer retention.

People aren’t Brands

For years, corporate brands have spent vast amounts of money sponsoring and aligning themselves to celebrities to accrue reflected value from the fans who are loyal to them. The theory is obvious, “people love this singer, actor, athlete etc…so if they become our brand ambassador, they will love us too”.

Fear This Deer: Milwaukee Bucks and New Media

On a recent trip to the US, Anthony Alsop caught up with Nick Monroe, who is the Head of New Media Development for the Milwaukee Bucks. He was nice enough to answer a few questions about the team, his other roles at the Bucks and how the Bucks came to be in new media in the first place.

Reading FC – How Social Media Can Win Me Back

Reading is a mid-table Championship football club that has lost my support over the last few years. Daniel McLaren looks at how they can use Social Media to win him round and boost their off-field activities in the process.