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Why someone needs to train athletes on using Social Media!

After a summer of high profile gaffs on Twitter you may have thought that athletes would have learned and been more careful with what they say on social media sites…. but no

Revamp for UKSN looms

After 8 months in existance it has been an interesting journey for The UK Sports Network and myself. Now that I am embedded full-time int he social sphere with Carat in London and the direction the articles and interest shown has taken I have believed for a while a revamp is needed.

Man United Facebook Page passes 2.5m (and claims EPL top spot)

One of the newest and fastest growing Facebook Pages is the official Manchester United page. In the the two months it has been up it has grown to 2,589,988 (23 Sept) which is a staggering surge.

Should you moderate your Facebook Page?

When it comes to moderation… and this appears to be a touchy subject. When should the brand step in and delete comments or give warnings?

See World Player of the Year Lionel Messi in London today!

The legend that is Barcelona and Argentina playmaker/goal machine Lionel Messi will be touching down by helicopter today in Central London. You can take part by working out where he will be from the clues and getting there fast!

What is Branded Content and are brands taking advantage of this area of sponsorship?

Branded content (or content partnerships) has long been very hard to define especially as the definition is very elastic, meaning different things to different people.

Manchester United ban twitter during press conferences

Manchester United today became the second EPL club to ban tweeting during press conferences.

Hate Glazer, love unofficial Man Utd merchandise

Manchester United fans have taken charge by addressing their hate of the Glazer family with apparel merchandise featuring Manchester United original colours (Green/Gold).

Is Sport broken and in need of a fix?

The alleged match fixing charges against Pakistan cricketers which have been dominating the sporting headlines recently raise two interesting questions. Firstly, will there always be match fixing in sport? Secondly, is sport really any different to any other business?

Free Official Football League Club iPhone app launched

The Football League launched its free Official Football League Clubs iPhone app at the end of August and is available to download for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.