La Liga increases players’ minimum wage

Following the sale of their TV rights for €2.65 billion, the Liga Executive Board has decided to increase the minimum wage for players in La Liga.

The minimum wage in La Liga is currently fixed to €129,000 (£94,000) a year, however, the new agreement that will come into place for all contracts signed after 1 June 2016 will see that raised to €155,000 (£112,000). And while the increase of roughly 20% could have a negative impact on clubs, they’re expected to cope under the new economic climate with the sale of the TV rights.

While the players in the elite division will see a minimum wage increase, players in the competition’s second division will not. This is due to a number of very fragile clubs financially-wise. However the Spanish league decided to stabilise the minimum wage in the division at €77,500 (£56,000).

In addition to the minimum wage decision, the competition has emphasised that clubs must respect players rights including the average working day of 7 hours as well as 1.5 days of holiday per week.

In announcing the changes to player treatment, the governing body also gave details regarding player rights in economic relegation. In case of players wanting to leave, they will be automatically allowed to break their contract in order to sign with another.

To avoid the situation in which this would financially damage clubs, the league will establish a stability fund of €500,000 for one club engaged in a European competition, and €360,000 for the others.

With this ambition to support players and clubs, the Spanish league aims to have attractive and secured championships for players and clubs, to be always more competitive.

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