Halloween gives teams a chance to show the personalities under their masks

Sport might not be the first thing to spring to mind when you think about Halloween, but all over the world, sports teams and athletes are celebrating the spookiest time of the year.

Creating special content, especially videos where the athletes can show off their personalities, is another way for sport teams to interact with and engage their fans. Sport is all about entertainment, and making sure to entertain fans even when the subject is not even necessarily sport is essential to keeping fans coming back for more.

This year, Manchester City stands out from the crowd, having posted multiple tweets in celebration of the big day. They posted a video of Oleks Zinchenko, in a costume and wig, performing Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller.’

But City didn’t stop there. Halloween-themed pictures for #WallpaperWednesday, featuring the ever-game for social media Benjamin Mendy, midfielder Bernardo Silva, and of course, Zinchenko himself, all kitted out in Halloween garb. Fans can save the photos and use them as the wallpapers on their phones and other electronic devices.

Fulham also partook in the festivities by sharing a video of Under-18s talend Jean-Pierre Tiehi scaring a few his teammates during interviews by wearing a mask and jumping out at them. A classic.

Elsewhere, both Wolves and Arsenal had similar ideas, creating videos of their various assorted stars reciting iconic quotes from scary movies, showing off the team’s acting skills and personalities all in one video. They frequently couldn’t get through a whole line without laughing, either at themselves or each other.

Away from round-ball football, the American version was never going to miss this occasion to serve up some social content.

On the NFL UK’s Twitter account, there’s a video of Bill Belichick wearing a pirate costume, joking around, and roller skating while onlookers laugh.

Meanwhile, Belichick’s own New England Patriots shared a fast-paced, hilarious video of some of the players walking through a haunted house to hilarious effect.

It doesn’t all have to be flash and comedy, however. Sometimes just a simple, well-produced graphic is all that is needed: The Baltimore Orioles and the Boston Celtics both kept it simple and posted short animations to wish their fans a happy Halloween.

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