Football punditry app Yakatak launches globally

Football punditry app Yakatak launched globally on March 28th, introducing a social media platform for football fans to share live reactions during football matches.

Yakatak features live updates in real-time sent via push notifications, regular updates on chosen teams, and photo and video platform with score, statistic, and slogan overlays and more. This app is designed to capture share reactions instantly during the most important moments in football.

“Remember Suarez’s handball that saved Uruguay? Zidane’s head butt against Italy in the 2006 World Cup final? Beckham’s goal against Greece in 2001?” said England football legend and Yakatak consultant Ian Wright. “Imagine being able to capture the reactions of you and your mates at these very moments. That’s why we created Yakatak. Yakatak is at the heart of fan culture and provides a platform for fans to share the moments that matter.”

The platform allows fans to share their reaction through their chosen social network or messaging app in real time. The app creates a central location for football fans to keep up to date while sharing the experience with their friends.

A score feed keeps fans informed on live matches, while recaps are available on important games from the previous week. “Fixtures” show upcoming games, while “News Feed” is constantly updated with the industry latest.

“With the advancements in technology and social media, fans are now in the unique position to be able to become the pundits themselves,” said Yakatak CEO and Founder Simon Davies. “This is what inspired us to create Yakatak – one tool for fans to capture their reaction at the moments that matter the most!”

Yakatak is now available to download for free on iOS and Android.

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