FIFA World Cup social media accounts gear up for the main event

The first game of the 2018 FIFA World Cup between Russia and Saudi Arabia is under a week away, and as the most watched sporting event on the planet nears, the World Cup’s Twitter and Instagram accounts are feeding all kinds of content to their viewers in preparation. As the spectacle comes around just once every four years, FIFA know their audience is itching for content.

The accounts appeal to everyone, and that includes fans of every qualifying country and beyond. FIFA have been tweeting out the full squads and content from a reporter embedded with every team, providing incentives for every fan to follow along. They’ve also been sharing creative videos on past winners of the golden trophy to provide historical context.

With such a massive event on the horizon, FIFA face the challenge of providing their audience – from most countries around the world – with all the information about each team that they need while also sharing creative, fun and interactive content that generates excitement and hype. Videos and innovative graphics are a staple of the output, but FIFA also recognizes the need to round out their coverage with material from different subjects.

The World Cup is more than a sporting event – it carries a special kind of importance and pride for all the countries involved. Their social media seems to have captured that aspect aptly.

8⃣ days to go! Who else is excited for the #WorldCup?

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Something impressive about the video above is FIFA’s willingness to market stars from all over the world, from different countries and even different sports. It starts with one of football’s most recognisable stars in Lionel Messi, but other celebrities like the New York Yankees’ Aaron Judge, Damian Lillard of the NBA’s Portland Trailblazers and Von Miller of the NFL’s Denver Broncos are also highlighted. David Beckham is shown with that golden smile, and musician Pharrell Williams makes an audacious appearance.

The World Cup has also done a good job of connecting their audience to the players (former and current) by giving a direct line to those players’ voices.

The FIFA World Cup’s social media are a jack of all trades, and that seems to be a necessary component when considering the vast expansiveness that is the World Cup.

It’s only 1⃣0⃣ days until the #WorldCup! ????#MondayMotivation

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