FC Barcelona venture further into esports with launch of a Rocket League team

The big football teams’ investments into the growing trend of eSports continues apace, as Barcelona have become the latest club to introduce a team for a growing esport – Rocket League.

Joining the Catalans’ other esports division that currently leads in the tournament for Pro Evolution Soccer (PES) – the football game which is also one of Barca’s main sponsors – is yet another esports team, showing the club’s commitment to more than just football: they also have successful basketball, ice hockey, volleyball and rugby teams, too.

In a very Barca-like manner, the eSports team is composed of a young Spaniard, two current British champions, and a promising young French talent. The team appears to be sticking to its roots in other sports by having someone from their own nation, then looking into other places where players have already triumphed, investing and even gambling on young talent from around the world.

Barca announced that their esports team will play “with a style of game based on combination and group work, a way of playing closely linked to the values of FC Barcelona.”

The team will be coached and managed by UK-native Robert Kendall, who said: “Being part of FC Barcelona is the greatest thing that any athlete can achieve, so I am deeply honoured to lead this team.” From his perspective, “the fact that FC Barcelona is joining the Rocket League community is a success for both the club and community.”

Barca is the second big-name team to enter the Rocket League tournaments, joining fellow rivals, PSG, as two of the only teams in Europe to partake in the famous sport that combines two passions into a single, popular, and innovative game.

Barca’s new eSports team will compete in the Rocket League Championship Series, as well as international competitions like DreamHack, where Barca will look to end PSG’s success in the game, trying to replicate the real-life matches between both European giants.

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