EuroLeague basketball and Content Stadium launch new partnership

EuroLeague Basketball, the top tier European basketball league, has announced a partnership with Content Stadium, a Software as a Service online platform which allows companies to create visuals and and animations for social media.

Content Stadium create custom graphics and image templates as well as animations for social media accounts, meaning EuroLeague basketball is aiming to create even more engaging graphics for its fans.

According to Wouter De Jonckheere, International Partnerships Manager at Content Stadium, the company will create a custom package for the league, which is home to 40 of the top basketball teams in Europe, including Bayern Munich and Real Madrid.

De Jonckheere said, “We’re proud to be able to contribute to the content creation process of one of the biggest and most professional basketball leagues in the world.”

“In close consultation with the editorial teams of Euroleague we created a tailor made package based on the marketing goals they defined for their social media channels.

We knew Euroleague selected Content Stadium for the user-friendliness and the flexibility of our platform and templates but still we’re very proud of this package, our development team really surpassed themselves once again.”

Francesca Salerno, senior manager, digital marketing at Content Stadium, added, “Expectations of EuroLeague and EuroCup fans regarding content distributed via social media changed drastically the last couple of years. Social media plays a larger role than ever before. Premium branded visuals and infographics are an absolute necessity.”

“Given the fact we’re handling multiple accounts, we needed a tool that facilitates our editorial teams to create these pieces in the most effective way. We needed to capture the live sporting moment. Besides, we all know video is the way to go. And that’s something Content Stadium also has to offer.”

EuroLeague joins the likes of Riot Games, and Eleven Sports as another big industry name working with the platform.

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