EPL Social Media League

Football Marketing have released their first Social Media league which combines a teams Facebook and Twitter followings.  It has been a busy data gathering time for them as they have also released a MLS version and a Worldwide football club version.

At the moment we seem to be in between two camps of thought when it comes to these tables; do we look purely at the numbers (as this does) or try to dig deeper and get into engagement and influence. The ideal would be a combination of both but what algorithm do you use, what is meaningful data and how much is it someones interpretation.  All questions we have not found an answer to you as yet.

Below are the top 10 clubs in the table. You can see the full list at Football Marketing

The top team Manchester United are still behind the two big Spanish powerhouses of Barcelona (1) and Real Madrid in the World Table.  Though United’s position is despite the lack of a Twitter account, something they have decided is not needed by them up to now , will this change in the near future?

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