England announce World Cup squad with a little help from young fans, and it’s great!

The much anticipated FA announcement of the England World Cup squad is here and the reaction has been positive – despite what the Daily Mail and Star may write (who reads them anyway?!).

There will be no more speculation about who makes the cut. Was there space for Jack Wilshere, Joe Hart or Jonjo Shelvey? Well the wait is over: none of them made it.

At a time where it no longer acceptable just to put out a single image with some names on it, the FA have put together a video mash-up that heralded younger fans. It’s a nice touch and something different that stays on tone for the official body (see FA Cup tweet furore for more on that one) and is still good enough to stand up to the modern digital fans’ demands.

The video was also released on Facebook and YouTube at the same time. So far it’s up to almost 1m views on Twitter alone, and that’s after only 2 1/2 hours since going live. The reaction amongst those looking in has been nothing but positive too.

All the national teams, as well as FIFA, will be gearing up for this massively anticipated tournament where social media will be to the fore once again. Will any go all out a-la AS Roma English? Or will they stay safe? (My guess is they will stay safe-ish).

It was great to see the players helping to promote it and their own reactions to confirming their tickets to Russia.

and some humour from Kyle Walker…


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