DS London: Sports organisations aren’t competitors, they’re allies in the industry’s fight for share of mind

Digital Sport London is back tomorrow (28th March) for March’s event – What Now for Sport Marketing?

With a panel of The FA, Bleacher Report and Fantastec MD Steve Madincea, we’ll be talking about the future of our industry.

For the last decade or more, we’ve heard the phrase ‘digital transformation’ in one guise or another. And whilst that’s still a topic on many people’s lips, it’s probably time we started thinking about the next ten years: those after the transformation is complete.

More and more, we see brands and rights holders creating their own content – anyone with an internet connection can now be a creator. And they’re encroaching on the territory held by publishers.

Yet, despite the fact that it feels as though these different segments of the industry are in conflict with each other, sport as a whole is competing against entertainment brands, social media platforms and other industries like music for share of time. The brands and publishers aren’t necessarily competitors, but can sometimes be thought of as allies under one banner: sport.

We’re already in a new world, one created by digital media. But what will the landscape look like when the dust settles? Can brands, publishers, rights holders and broadcasters work together? And if not, what happens next?

Hear from our panel of experts and pick their brains afterwards over a drink on us!

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