Digital Sport Manchester: Are we going OTT about OTT?

The New Year is finally upon us, and it’s time to wish you all a happy and successful one from everyone at Digital Sport.

And as new years go, it’s always great to ring in the changes from the very start – this January, we’re doing just that. It’s an exciting time for Digital Sport as we roll out our successful #DSLondon events to Manchester, bringing regular events to a new city and a new audience.

The first #DSManchester event, sponsored by StreamAMG, will be held at the Fitzgerald in the city’s Northern Quarter on January 25th and will close off a month of discussion across Digital Sport’s various platforms, and will be on one of the hot topic of over-the-top video – and specifically asking if we’re going OTT on OTT.

With the likes of Amazon and DAZN becoming big players in the ranks of sports broadcasting, and with Facebook, Twitter and a host of publishers, too, trying to by up rights to major sporting events, we’re asking if the days of linear TV are really numbered because of the successes of the new kids on the block, or whether traditional broadcasters and online streaming are two sides of the same coin? Will social media platforms become the new normal place to watch sport? Will broadcasters just pivot to streaming themselves, negating the impact? Or will something altogether different happen?

Alongside an episode of Dan McLaren’s Digital Sport Insider Podcast and a series of dedicated articles on the topic featured on, the first #DSManchester event will round off a month of discussion and insight on a topic which is sure to be one of 2018’s most important areas of growth and change within the worlds of digital and sport.

See you there!

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