Digital Sport London: The Battleground for New Tech Talent

It’s the elephant in the room when we talk about digital transformation in sport, but getting the right people on board (and keeping them happy) is crucial to success.

Tech companies have disrupted the world, not just sport. They’ve created social media platforms, easy access to video and audio content, and now OTT platforms that will stream live content into living rooms as well as onto mobile devices. Now, the race to innovate continues at pace, and given the successes of startups in the digital space – like Facebook or Twitter, Uber and Airbnb – everyone wants a piece of the action.

Ensuring that a fast-growing business can scale without problems is one of the toughest challenges around. Hiring the right people with the right experience to do the right job roles is of vital importance, but it’s easy to make mistakes: working with the wrong talent or not filling the right roles can be the difference between success and failure.

Clearly this isn’t just a problem that the sports industry faces. It’s a worldwide problem that all verticals have to deal with. But sport faces unique challenges, though it also has unique advantages. Issues around diversity and competitive pay are well publicised, but then there’s also the fact that sport is a passion point and people want to work in it.

We’ll be discussing these issues in a sports tech context, but we’ll also be looking at other industries and asking what they can teach us. Where can we learn from them, and how do we ensure that sport takes the high ground in the battle for new tech talent?

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