Digital Sport London: Join us for an exposé on esports

We’ve just entered March so you know what that means. The arrival of spring to a frozen London may have let you down, but Digital Sport won’t: our monthly event will arrive as expected and this month it’ll be a hot one.

An especially exciting Digital Sport London returns at the end of a month-long discussion of the topic of one of the rising stars of the sports industry, esports. So join us in London for an evening of esports chat.

After focusing our attention on OTT and live streaming in January and virtual and augmented reality in February, this March on Digital Sport, we’ll be taking a closer look at esports. Every week we hear more and more about the topic, and for those on the outside looking in it can often seem like a whole new world. It’s clear that this is taking off in a big way, so brands, teams and rights holders are trying to get on board. But many won’t have experienced esports themselves.

With experts on the panel this is an opportunity to remedy that and learn a bit more about a topic which isn’t going away any time soon.

The biggest esports around come in the form of Counter Strike and League of Legends, but this will be a big year for simulation type esports like FIFA 18, F1 and NBA 2k, and that’s what we’ll be focusing on later this month.

So far this year, the Global eLeague has been announced with teams around Europe and will be streamed by, who have also announced their own participant. We’ve had the launch of eMLS and other leagues around European football are following suit. And away from football-based sims, F1 saw over 100,000 people take part in its Esports Series last year, NBA 2k has launched a league and NASCAR has even seen its latest participant in a race come into the sport through esports.

This promises to be an unmissable event for anyone interested in the rise of esports, exploring what its niche is and where it can go in the future. Join us on March 27th at Gfinity to find out: book your tickets now!

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