Digital Sport London: Get up to speed on our next three events

In the aftermath of the World Cup, we’ll be asking how to grow women’s football once the excitement dies down.

We aim to do these events every month or so – up to around 10 per year. Each time, we look to focus on a different area of the sports industry or a hot topic of the moment. In July, that’s women’s football, but we want to ask how we can ensure that it’s still a hot topic come August and beyond.

Our next three events will ask similar questions of the future of sport.

In August, we’ll be looking at an event on the future of cricket. Again, after the World Cup, where does the sport go from here? The Ashes will ensure the summer of cricket continues apace, while next year will see the build up to the Hundred as well as the aptly positioned Twenty20 World Cup, taking place in 2020.

In September, we’ll change our focus to football at the start of the season – but delving even deeper into one topic in particular: betting. Should football clubs be beholden to gambling partners? What can the football betting industry do to better regulate itself? And shouldn’t clubs and betting companies be working together in a more constructive way than they currently do?

The next three events will look at the future of cricket and football – both women’s and men’s – so if you’re interested in getting involved with Digital Sport in some way over the next few months of events, do let us know by dropping an email to

In the meantime, see Twitter, Visa, Endeavor, Engine Sport and the Football Writers’ Association chat about growing women’s football. Get your ticket below.

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