Daily Digest: Rita Ora pairs up with UEFA and How Fortnite captured teens’ Hearts and Minds

Esports, music, Russia 2018 and F1 merchandising all on one page. Not a mix you’ll see very often.

Formula One have been busy launching new partnerships at a pace almost matching that of Lewis Hamilton in Spain last weekend. Whilst UEFA will be sponsoring Rita Ora’s headline tour… not one you probably saw coming… but this could be a winner for both parties.

Follow Russia 2018 with the experts (fifa.org)

One month to go until the biggest football event in the world kicks-off. If you’re wondering how to follow it, and there will be many, many options, here are some of the official ones and what to expect from FIFA.

Formula One seals double deal to boost race experience (sportspromedia.com)

F1 continues to explore new avenues, and are tying down the merchandise section (which could be highly profitable) with the company of the moment, Fanatics. They’re also improving the deal for fans at the circuits with new and better ways in which to follow the race.

UEFA and Rita Ora pair up to support #WePlayStrong (uefa.com)

Sport and music are great together, as adidas have proved with their campaigns in recent years. Now UEFA have been confirmed as the official sponsor of Rita Ora’s upcoming tour and in-turn she will be supporting their Together #WePlayStrong campaign.

UK bookies beware: US will look after its own in betting revolution (theguardian.com)

The BIG one in US sport at the moment as the floodgates are set to open, but will it be just for the US firms? Most probably.

How Fortnite Captured Teens’ Hearts and Minds (newyorker.com)

If you’re interested in how esports works in engaging so well with the demographic that sport is so desperate to bring in, then read on. Fortnite, which Harry Kane and Dele Ali are big fans of and have been streaming live, is the free-to-play game that is everywhere right now. But how does it do it?


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