Daily Digest: McLaren and NBA team up with big tech & UFC announce deal with ESPN

The end of the football season is near, with titles, promotions and dreaded relegations being decided. It’s that time of year when the winter sports come to a close and the summer sports (and events) gear up. Club football and rugby might be taking a break but the World Cup is close, Wimbledon will be here before you know it – with or without Andy Murray – and the cricket is just warming up.

But the digital sports business never takes a break it seems, with so much going on on a daily basis. With articles on DS this week already covering Arsene Wenger’s last game at the Emirates, Snooker and VAR in Australia! And here’s what else has been going on in the world…

UFC Reaches Groundbreaking Deal With Walt Disney Company And ESPN (ufc.com)

The new deal means that there will be 15 live fights on the new ESPN+ from January next year, as well as a variety of ESPN TV, social media and digital channels. UFC continue to push the sport forward commercially and their rise has been influenced by their use of new digital channels over the years. But another OTT platform for sports fans to pay out for….

Sportsinnovation 2018 Has Opened Its Doors: “Sport Is A Pacemaker For Technological Advancement” (tomorrow.dfl.de)

I love events, as those of you who have been to Digital Sport events will know. But this from the DFL Bundesliga takes it to a different level. When you’re talking about new tech in sport then why not showcase it live? Having 3 live games on the pitch whilst keynotes take place in the stands and companies in the events rooms show how their innovations work live. Hats off to them, this looks like a fantastic event!

Intel Expands Partnership With NBA To Find Worthy Tech Companies In Need Of Capital (forbes.com)

We’ve seen a few link ups between teams or leagues and sports based companies, some better than others. But the NBA have long been entrenched in finding new tech and have not teamed up with Intel, who will be handling the cash investments in the scheme. I’m sure we’ll see some of the tech they find make it into coverage and stadiums soon.

McLaren And Dell Technologies Form Wide-Ranging Partnership (irishtechnews.ie)

Digital Transformation is something we’ll hear about more and more in the future. And McLaren have teamed up with Dell to take theirs to the next level as they move towards ‘a high-performing hybrid cloud capability’. Not quite sure what that means but I’m sure it’s a good thing…


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