Daily Digest: Man City match with Tinder & why the Commonwealth Games deserve your attention

With football’s Champions League and rugby’s European Champions Cup both back with a bang, and with the Commonwealth Games underway in Australia, there’s plenty of great sport for fans to dig their teeth into.

So when we dig into today’s big digital news stories, there’ll be plenty of that to contend with, too. You can’t separate the sports industry from what’s happening on the field.

Manchester City announce partnership with Tinder (Man City)

You can’t separate the sport from the business, however. With the Manchester derby on Saturday, Thursday morning was the ideal time for both parties to announce their partnership – just after City’s midweek game and with two days of build-up before they could win the title at home to United.

The perfect time, that is, except for when you get thumped 3-0 by Liverpool in the Champions League the night before the big reveal. The timing put everyone in a tough spot – hold off on the announcement and you lose the derby build-up (presumably an important part of all this), but go ahead with it and you risk poking fans while they’re still licking their wounds.

In the end, few will remember the timing, and with a partnership incorporating both the men’s and women’s teams as well as New York City FC, this is bigger than one disappointing performance.

Mark Zuckerberg’s problems aren’t going away (Mashable)

City weren’t the only side of that partnership to wake up to some awkward headlines this morning.

The furore over Facebook’s privacy isn’t going away and Mark Zuckerberg is under increasing pressure. One of the questions now is whether he can weather this storm and remain CEO of the social media platform. The bigger question, though, is what happens now.

Tinder – which uses Facebook as a means of logging into the app – found itself in the crossfire today as the social media platform tweaked settings which left the dating app unusable for a period.

How Cristiano Ronaldo’s goal played out on social media (Digital Sport)

If last night’s Champions League action was spectacular, the night before was unbeatable. Cristiano Ronaldo stole the headlines thanks to a stunning overhead kick which sent social media into a storm.

Digital Sport took a look at how the official accounts of both the Champions League and Real Madrid muscled in on the moment.

Why the Commonwealth Games deserve your attention (Sports Pro)

A happier story in harsher times. In Matt Slater’s Sports Pro column, he tells us why this year’s Commonwealth Games will take on a greater resonance for him.

The legendary Hugh McIlvanney once referred to the newspaper sports section as the toy department, and sports journalism can often be as fun as it sounds. Over the last few years, however, Slater and his colleagues have had to report on court hearings, parliamentary hearings and cases of abuse, doping and cheating. The Commonwealth Games, he says, is a beacon of hope in dark sporting times.

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