Daily Digest: Copa90 nets £70m valuation and how sports teams are using facial recognition to learn more about their fans

Lots to get through this lunchtime as we look at sports investments, media rights trends, Facebook changes to comments and the use of facial recognition by teams. So I’ll stop typing and let you enjoy some great articles to read now or bookmark for your commute home…

Copa90 nets £70m valuation following investment by Dalian Wanda’s Infront Sports (thedrum.com)

Copa90 has taken a few investment deals in the last couple of years with Turner Sports, Major League Soccer and Liberty Global now all major shareholders. Infront Sports can now be added to that list as Copa90 go all guns blazing into this years World Cup. A tournament they will have some 300 people involved in making content for!

Web underdog signs football’s elite to take on TV giants (telegraph.co.uk)

Last week we heard about another investment, this time in Dugout. This article in the Telegraph sheds more light onto their plans to use the £8.3m cash investment from Frank and David McCourt, owner of Olympique Marseille and media tycoon respectively.

Podcast: How commercial and digital are evolving in sports with Zarah Al-Kudcy (sportsgeekhq.com)

I always try to include a podcast where I can, and Sean does produce a good one. This week he’s chatting to Formula 1’s Zarah Al-Kudcy about commercial partnerships, digital and her career in sports.

“SPORTFANG” (linkedin.com)

Luis Vicente is one of the most respected voices in digital sports and he gives a great summary of what has happened within sports media rights over the last 12 months. And he’s right. It has been an exciting time and there is much more to come with Spanish and French football rights available this summer and some BIG companies circling the biggest sports.

Facebook begins the rollout of its Reddit-like downvote button (techradar.com)

This has been muted for a while and it looks like a Reddit style up/down vote will soon be with us on Facebook. It doesn’t look like you’ll be able to do so on a post but you will on the comments under it. If you’re after a community led platform, and Reddit is as good as they get, then why not take features from them. Afterall Facebook aren’t shy in taking what they want off others now are they.

Sports teams are using facial recognition to learn more about their fan bases (cnbc.com)

We’ve seen how teams are using fan data to sell sponsorships, better understand who they are and start to monetise. Now they’re taking it a step further with using images and videos of fans during games (something you sign over the rights for them to do when you enter many stadiums). But worry not, it’s mainly on a macro level and used to help personalise experiences and benefit fans too. Read on to find out more.

Digitalization and internationalization in club football – why contemporary commercialization requires expertise in both (linkedin.com)

If you’ve wanted to see what digitalisation and internationalisation within sport really looks like then take a look at this overview from Dirk Schluenz. Interesting summary that paints a pretty clear picture of everything involved.


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