Champions League draw: How Liverpool, Real Madrid, Bayern Munich and Roma reacted on Twitter

After the drama of the European midweek, the Champions League had one more day in the limelight: early on Friday afternoon, the draw for the semi final took place.

The quarters were some of the most thrilling pieces of entertainment you could hope to find, and not just in sporting terms: they provided the sort of drama you simply wouldn’t believe if it were a Hollywood film. The Champions League this week was a badly written thriller. But thankfully there was no need to suspend your disbelief.

Social media has played a big role. Over the last few weeks, the moments have lent themselves to going viral. Cristiano Ronaldo’s bicycle kick and AS Roma’s comeback are two obvious examples and the social media conversation around those two events has been owned by the clubs themselves.

With that in mind, we took a look at how each of the semi-finalists marked the semi final draw.


Draw day might be exciting, but it’s also nerve-wracking. Ever since qualification was secured, fans have been debating which team would be the best draw and which would be the worst.

That happens all season long, but when there are many teams you can be drawn against it doesn’t feel quite so important. But when you can choose between just three teams, the mind puts a significant importance on the outcome, and fans spend the days before the reveal stewing over the merits of drawing each of the remaining teams.

Each club went in a different direction with their build-up tweets: Roma posted a pendulum graphic, Liverpool and Real Madrid went with a gif with a similar vibe, whilst Bayern’s tweet of choice was a risqué reference.


When it came to the announcement of the draw, and after the tension had been ratcheted up it was time to react to the news.

Each club’s reaction tweet was quite similar, each announcing the team they’d drawn and all of them including the badge of their new opponents.

The draw did create a story in and of itself: whilst Bayern Munich v Real Madrid is a tie every football fan will relish, Roma v Liverpool will see the on-form Mohamed Salah return to face his former club. The respect shown between the two is nice to see, and the hundreds of thousands of engagements on the tweets below show that lots of people feel the same way.

Over the coming days, expect more reaction to the draw as each club keeps an eye on their European foes. And if Bayern’s Twitter account is anything to go by, expect them to continue to play hard on the cat theme: the German club has a new calling card, it seems.

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