Updated App helps you to do it like the Pros

Throw out the handy cam and put aside the tripod, there’s a new release of an app here that’s set to help budding sports stars improve their technique on their way to becoming the next big thing

Football FanCast – a new way of curating fans’ matchday experience

Some people are on the pitch…they think it’s all over….it is now! When Kenneth Wolstenholme uttered this immortal line, a whole nation was rapt, hanging off every word. Watch a

Apply for the Ultimate Sports Apprenticeship!

GMR Marketing is offering one aspiring sports and entertainment professional the opportunity to get behind-the-scenes access to the world’s best sports and entertainment events over the next 12 months, culminating with the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro.

Shnarped – ‘Sports Instagram’ on its way

Sports fans are set to steal a piece of prime technological real estate with the advent of Shnarped, a social media platform for sports fans and followers to capture and share

How the Meerkat linkup with GoPro is going to lead to some extreme livestreaming

Meerkat announced at Vidcon last month their new capability to pair with a GoPro for mobile live streaming. This move could make a big change to their position in the fight with the Twitter owned live streaming app Periscope.

All you need is a Ball – bringing Freestyle Football to the World

From a brand’s perspective as well as from an individual one, football is one of the few sports that is universally recognised and followed with a truly global reach. Digitally, that means an endless source of support as well as limitless entrepreneurial opportunity

Williams Race to Pole Position in Formula One Social Media Ranking

The 2015 F1 Social Media Index, which ranks Formula 1 teams according to social media performance has been announced – Williams top the league, climbing from second place last year, ahead of McLaren and Mercedes who claimed second and third places respectively.

Rugby World Cup set to bring in £1 billion

As the excitement builds for rugby’s showcase event kicking off in London next month, GoEuro has released a study focused on accommodation, miscellaneous and transport costs. This has suggested that

US Open to use VR to allow fans to return Sharapova’s serve

Fans attending the upcoming US Open will get an opportunity to see what it’s like to return a serve from Maria Sharapova through the use of VR technology. The USTA

Juventus launch new mobile app for new season

Italian football giant Juventus has released a new app in preparation for the 2015/2016 Italian football league which starts this coming weekend. The new app offers Juventus fans to access