UEFA announces end of Konami partnership paving the way for FIFA 18 esports involvement

UEFA has announced that its agreement with Pro Evolution Soccer maker Konami will come to an end, fuelling speculation that FIFA will soon have the rights to reproduce the Champions and Europa Leagues in its game titles.

What we learned from the first Leeds United SportsTech Demo Day

Insights and summary from Leeds United’s recent Tech Demo Day at Elland Road from Benjamin Penkert from SportsTechX.

Manchester City release Twitter documentary series with novel way of engaging fans

Manchester City’s Twitter documentary series about grassroots football saw the club use direct messages to remind fans to tune in.

In the World of Influencers, Sports Teams are Sitting on Gold

You don’t have true control of Facebook or Twitter channels – the only place you have that is your own site. So, what can you do to make sure people go past the initial Google search and come to your page? 

How Chelsea, Arsenal and Man City promoted their teams in the FA Cup semi finals

Chelsea, Man City and Arsenal are all making strides when it comes to linking up their men’s and women’s teams on social media.

Chelsea’s Sports Tech Hack will keep the club at the cutting edge

Chelsea hold another hack day proving they are committed to innovation in all areas of the club.

Arsenal’s social media reaction to drawing Atletico Madrid was perfect

The Europa League draw was a moment for Arsenal to capitalise on social media, and they did it in a very sensible way.

5 things we learned from SportsPro Live 2018

This week we were at SportsPro LIve in East London listening to some of the best in the sports business + tech industry. Here’s some of our key takeouts from the 2 day event.

Channel Four and Arsenal Fan TV linkup shows how ‘online media’ is now just ‘media’

Channel Four’s latest venture, a fan-led football opinion show, proves that traditional broadcasters are now online content creators the same as everyone else.

Roma’s comeback against Barcelona gave us a social media masterclass

AS Roma’s stunning comeback victory left us all in shock – their Twitter account captured it perfectly.