Guest Article

Why Google’s Sports Fixture Grab Spells Opportunity Not Threat

Google might be taking results and scorelines off rugby clubs and putting them to the top of the search function, but this is why there’s no need to panic.

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Rupert Pratt looks at the future of the digital arms race in sport.

Why should brands consider partnering with KSI ahead of his next fight?

Guest post: Dan French is co-founder of sports and entertainment agency Clifford French. Following weeks of social media speculation about who KSI would fight next, the current YBC boxing champion

Who is the seventh biggest football “club” on social media?

Football takes its fans for granted, but some of them are the most important voices in the game. It’s time we celebrated that.

Interview: Separating GDPR myth from fact with InfoSaaS

Ahead of the May deadline, companies are making changes to their GDPR regulations – the panic is real, but how much of it is justified?

The Theatre of Streams: How YouTube became football’s digital home

Manchester United’s arrival on YouTube cements the platform’s position as the home of football on digital media.

Finding Value in OTT: A Q&A with Fantastec Managing Partner Steve Madincea

Digital Sport caught up with Steve Madincea about Fantastec’s acquisition of OTT platform Colony and the future of live-streaming.

BBC Sport’s Ben Gallop on the ‘seismic change’ of OTT

The following is a guest article from James Yellen, Senior Content Producer at LiveWire Sport… “We went through a seismic change in the industry 25 years ago with satellite TV.

Come to Besiktas: How the Turkish club created an inclusive online message

How Besiktas’s fans enthusiasm for attempting to attract players to their club led to success in creating an online identity.