Barcelona integrate sponsors into El Clasico celebrations, adding value for partners

After Barcelona’s Clasico win against Real Madrid, you’d expect some social media celebration. And the Catalan club duly obliged. But what their victory content showed was that these are the moments when a club can be of most value to a sponsor: many of those posts integrated the branding for the club’s official partners Rakuten and Pro Evolution Soccer (PES).

Most of the content included the logos for Rakuten or PES in the corner or at the bottom, but by including their sponsors in their celebration posts the club were able to promote these partners when their audience is at its most engaged.

In turn, though, integrating their sponsors so closely into the celebrations shows the benefit future partners can enjoy, too.

Indeed, some posts did more than just include the branding. One post from Barcelona encouraged fans to add Barça’s players to their teams Pro Evolution Soccer to commemorate their victory in El Clasico, whilst PES goal celebrations are a staple of the club’s social media output on matchdays.

Sponsors give support to the team, but they can also facilitate the interactions between the teams and the fans if done properly. But that works both ways – and Barcelona are proving that they too can go the extra mile to give their sponsors more value.

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