Barcelona display World Cup fever as top clubs muscle in on the conversation

The World Cup is the only show in town right now as far as football is concerned. With just over a week until the tournament of the summer kicks off, club football takes a backseat.

It never really leaves us, though. Fans of clubs will obviously be watching and will be looking just as closely at their teams’ players as they usually do. Liverpool fans, say, will probably have a soft spot for Egypt thanks to the inclusion of Mohamed Salah.

For the clubs themselves, simply looking out for their players (and their own nation’s team) is really all they can do to get involved with the World Cup. Bigger sides will find that easier thanks to the number of players they’ll have competing, and in many cases to their history, too.

Barcelona have been capitalising on both of those aspects this week, though you can expect other big clubs to be doing something similar when the tournament starts in order to keep their oar in the water during the month-long footballing festival.

The Catalan club have geared their output on Twitter mostly towards putting a Blaugrana coloured tint over their fans’ World Cup fever.

Creating quizzes, videos with legends and a full section on their website with links to coverage of every nation featuring a Barcelona player in their squad, the Spanish champions are gearing their content towards supporting their own in the tournament.

Over the next month and a bit, other football clubs will likely get in on the action in a similar way. They are now major players on social media having used their heft to muscle their way into a privileged position as online media creators.

Now they’re there, not even a tournament exclusively for national teams can dislodge clubs from owning (or at least trying to own) the conversation around their players.

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