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Tom Kelk is a tech/sport blogger and Account Manager at communications agency, Pitch. You can find him on Twitter (@TomKelk), LinkedIn and his blog (

Forget Wearables – Virtual Reality is the next big thing

I was recently asked the question: “Where is the next innovation in technology coming from?” We can guess, but we cannot be sure. So, with the pointlessness of predictions in mind, I’m going to make one: Virtual Reality is going to be the next big thing.

Interview with Digital Manager of the NFL’s Green Bay Packers

Recent Tom Kelk got to speak with Garrison Cummings, Digital Manager for the Green Bay Packers, and talk about the Packers approach to digital content, and how it compares with the likes of Premier League football clubs

Snapchat Hire Hints At Sporting Focus

TechCrunch reported last week that SnapChat have just agreed a deal with, Eric Toda, Nike’s Director of Digital, to come on board to help SnapChat develop further in sport.

Why Vine is becoming a nightmare for the Premier League

“Premier League set to clamp down on unofficial Vine videos of goals as they get tough on copyright laws” announced the Independent, who were amongst a number of leading publications to debate the issue. We knew it was coming. It had to. Rights holders weren’t just going to sit-by and let it happen

#CoolJob: Business Development Executive @ We Play

Sports social media agency, WePlay, are looking for a Business Development Executive for a full-time role in London.

A Timeline of Technology in Sport

With so many technologies being brought in and shipped out, this handy visualisation is a great way of keeping on top of these technological transfers

The Hidden Value Of Vine

Guest post from Tom Kelk on the value of Vine and the introduction of the new ‘loop count’ to track the number of times your Vine’s are getting played.

Formula E launches, complete with social media ‘Fanboost’ feature

Formula E is the newest racing championship to launch and it has social media at its core. This week they’ve announced ‘Fanboost’ where fans can actually influence the outcome of the races!

Is Sponsorship being devalued by Social Media?

Does the traditional sponsorship model need altering to include further digital rights and should sponsors be negotiating harder to get this cover? Tom Kelk takes a look at this years FIFA World Cup in Brazil.

Welcoming @NUFC to the World of Social Media

Newcastle United’s official Twitter account has been relaunched to bring supporters a much-improved service, starting with a new, simpler name of @NUFC. Here is the inside track to an unexpected relaunch