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Ash is a social media community manager, planner and strategist focusing on the world of sports. He writes for a couple of blogs, tweets and, outside of the office, can usually be found on a basketball court or football pitch. Ash is currently working as a Freelance Community Manager at TMW and Senior Account Manager at specialist sports social media agency, We Play. You can follow Ash on Twitter at @ashread14

ESPN: Celebrating March Madness on both sides of the Atlantic

In probably the biggest month for basketball in the US and the UK, with the NCAA Tournament and the BUCS Championship both taking place. We decided to catch up with ESPN to see how the game of basketball has grown online in the UK.

#NBALondon: A Social Media Preview

Following on from yesterday’s infographic, NBA fan Ash Read takes a look at the social media imprint of both teams and the legacy this game could leave.

Real Madrid & Social Gaming

The club has now taken their digital offerings to the next level by becoming first football club in the world to launch an authentic social game for all its fans and followers

It’s Time To Back British Basketball

Basketball is one of the few sports in the Olympics where the home nation doesn’t get an automatic qualification, they would need to qualify for Eurobasket 2011, a campaign that begins with their scheduled games this coming August.

The FA and social media – The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

A day which started out with great promise for the FA ended up being a very mixed one, and one that they probably learnt a lot about the social media world from, so without further ado – The Good, The Bad, The Ugly.

What Rocky Balboa can teach us about Social Media

Everyone gets their inspiration from different places and often it comes at a time when you least expect it – if you haven’t already guessed the inspiration for this post came from my DVD shelf.

The “Buzz” about Madrid

Since my social media interview with Real Madrid the club have made further moves into social media, and I recently had another chance to catch up with Oscar Ugaz, Online Marketing & Digital Business Manager at Real Madrid, to chat about Google Buzz.

Real Madrid and Mobile Marketing

Ash Read recently had the opportunity to speak with Pedro Duarte, Mobile Marketing Manager at Real Madrid, about the clubs use of mobile technology. Real have been working with mobile technologies for around two years and aim to implement mobile as a key tool in the clubs marketing strategy.

How could David Haye utilise social media?

David Haye has the world at his feet. He doesn’t struggle to get coverage and let’s be honest, he’s doing just fine without social media, but, I feel if Haye was to utilise the tools at his disposal he could become one of the world’s biggest sports stars.

Real Madrid and Social Media

To find out more about how Real Madrid are approaching social media, Ash Read recently spoke with Real’s Digital Business Manager Oscar Ugaz about social media and the clubs digital strategies.

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