Adidas asserts social media dominance of competition ahead of 2016 EUROs

Despite sharing the brand limelight with Nike and Puma at this month’s EUROs, adidas has ruled the roost on social media before the start of the tournament, dominating the mentions across various platforms.

According to results from a “social media activity” sample study by Brand Watch, the German brand dominates 68% of social media chatter, with the two closest competitors at this month’s tournament achieving 21% and 10% of the chatter respectively.

In the previous seven days, the gap has been increased by Adidas with it commanding approximately 76% share of the social media chatter, receiving a whopping 770 mentions in a sample study of 1019 mentions. In comparison, Nike only received 146 mentions or 14% with Puma receiving 95 mentions or 9% respectively.


Source: Brand Watch

While it’s not uncommon to see these kinds of numbers thrown up, particularly when you consider that Adidas is the kit sponsor of the most number of teams (nine) as well as a official competition sponsor, it is surprising to see Nike and Puma register such low numbers.

This is because both brands have significant representation at the tournament starting June 10 (six and five teams respectively) and very capable marketing departments, as Nike showed us with its very effective ad campaign before the 2014 FIFA World Cup Finals in Brazil.

With Joma, Macron, Umbro and Errea rounding out the kit sponsors, it’s understandable that the big three are the three most popular on social media. However with Under Armour looking to make a European splash over the next few years, it’s very possible we’ll see the US-based company added to the fray and it would be surprising if it was absent from the upcoming 2018 FIFA World Cup Finals in Russia.

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