A little more about our Sports Publisher Summit partner: Snack Media

By Neil Kennett

Digital Sport host monthly events to celebrate the sport industry, but also to challenge what digital and technology advancements are to come and how it could affect the market. Panellists come to give their expertise and industry experts come to challenge them, spark debate & discussion, and get to the crux of the issues we’re there to discuss.

Just over three weeks ago, Digital Sport hosted our first Sports Publisher Summit on the subject of ‘Digital Advertising & Content, 2020 & Beyond’, a great opportunity to get brands, ad vendors and publishers into the same room to discuss challenges in the industry and what’s to come.

Snack Media were a key partner for the event and for Digital Sport as a whole, and they’re a company who work closely with partners on all sides of this conversation. The publishers Snack Media work with range from major rights holders and publications like the NFL, Rugby Pass & Marca to independent blogs and fan sites.

Their offering to these publishers includes:

  • An advanced ad tech set-up – header & exchange bidding technology, viewability & site performance optimisation
  • A full suite of units – display, video, rich media etc.
  • An Innovations team – responsible for optimising existing tech and developing new solutions to improve site performance, engagement, ad viewability, fill etc.
  • Cost-cutting solutions – hosting, audience engagement tools, traffic drivers
  • Expertise, insight and resource across – tech, ad-operations, editorial, social media

Treating all of these publishers as individual businesses with different sites, audiences and challenges, allows them to grow and thrive commercially whilst retaining control of their sites. Having an experienced partner with expertise across all areas of digital publishing also means that they can keep partners up to date with relevant industry changes and trends.

The following video explains a little further how they work with publishers to improve their advertising set-up, access more demand and, ultimately generate more revenue, particularly in Q4 when the potential returns are at their highest.

This all allows publishers to save money, time and resource and focus on running their sites and producing quality content for their readership and enables brands to create and authentic connections with an engaged, relevant audience.

To find out more about Snack Media and any of their work, feel free to contact jamesm@snack-media.com.


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