Man City are even the best at celebrating trophies on social media

Manchester City’s social media celebrations were innovative as the club managed to involve the fans in new and exciting ways.

AR is more relevant to most people than VR, but both are reliant on other tech

In the first Digital Sport Insider podcast of the month, Dan McLaren and I sat down to chat about virtual and augmented reality. Despite being on a journey into the

Leeds United’s scrapped badge update shows the clash between modernisation and tradition

Leeds’ badge change is proof that a club shouldn’t reflect its fans, but should just give them something to cheer about.

Leyton Orient to make history by streaming FA Trophy quarter final outside the UK

Only the FA Trophy final has been streamed outside of the UK before, but Leyton Orient are about to change that.

What we learned about VR and AR at Digital Sport Manchester #2

At our latest Digital Sport Manchester event at Salford University, AR and VR was on the agenda – here’s what we learned.

What other sports can learn from Table Tennis about how to approach China

Ahead of the ITTF World Team Cup taking place in the Copperbox Arena in London, Dan McLaren chatted table tennis and strategies for Chinese growth with Matt Pound, Head of Communications at ITTF.

Why the European Tour is a lesson in social media done right

The European Tour’s social media output draws a lot of praise, and this is why.

Man United launch YouTube channel and gain hundreds of subscribers per minute

Man United’s phenomenal success on YouTube proves that when you’re big, you don’t have to be agile.

SN&CK Media continues to grow with investment into Vital Football

Snack Media continues to grow, adding Vital Football to their network of over 300 football websites.

Hot Topics: The Olympic Social, Fan-led Instagram and the Rise of Club Content

How digital content relates to fans was the main theme of this week as Instagram, the Winter Olympics and the Six Nations take centre stage.