The digital revolution: a chance for minority sports

With talk about the digital revolution leading to a fundamental restructuring of the linear digital strategy of many sports governing bodies, those who work for or with less mainstream sports can be

Liverpool FC first team in the Premier League to give fans 360° experience

Liverpool FC have today announced a LIVE 360° view of this evenings Huddersfield Town friendly, offering fans a unique and fully immersive viewing experience.

Gatorade narrates Bolt’s journey in 3D animated film

Sprinting star Usain Bolt has teamed up with Gatorade to release a wonderful animation based on his life story. Titled “The Boy Who Learned To Fly”, the video was created by MoonBot Studios and

Original NBA programming and exclusive video coming on Twitter and more

NBA and Twitter just announced an expanded content partnership that will bring exclusive original live programming and more video to Twitter, Vine and Periscope. The NBA, through its NBA Digital

Data and Fan Engagement: The Symbiotic Relationship

Sports properties and the marketing/communications teams that are responsible for generating interest and engagement around their brands are always on an endless quest to capture the attention of fans.  

EFL Digital announces new partnerships

EFL Digital (formerly Football League Interactive FLi) is today delighted to announce the dual appointment of Realise and NeuLion as its new long-term digital partners. Following one of the most

San Francisco Giants show just how important embracing technology is

One of the challenges that the modern world presents for sports teams is the evolution of technology. Technological advances have led to greater choice in everyday life as well as

Barcelona the most valuable team on social media – but are we measuring the right thing?

How do you measure value on social media? And how do you measure success? The definition changes depending on who you are. If you’re a sports team, engaging with your

Digital Sport’s Weekly Wash-Up 15/07/16

Sports teams create ‘Pokemon GO’ playgrounds One minor difficulty with Pokemon GO is that some of the ‘Pokestops’ aren’t always convenient to get to. Some may be in the middle

Adidas boast unrivalled social media engagement this summer – but is it a success?

It’s been a huge summer of sport so far, and there’s plenty more where that came from. With Euro 2016, Wimbledon, the Copa America and just the usual, generalised hype