Manchester City invites ALL its fans to lift the FA Cup

Manchester City FC have again shown they are at the forefront of digital technology when it comes to engaging with fans with an Augmented Reality app celebrating their FA Cup win over Stoke City.

Why Football Clubs Should Adopt LinkedIn as a Social Media Channel

Why is LinkedIn often left forgotten by marketers? It tends to be that clients (and companies) just decide to set up a LinkedIn channel along with their new Facebook and Twitter pages, but rarely know why.

Sports Stars to Quit Twitter?

I and many others have long eulagised about how twitter has developed into this great platform for athletes to reconnect with their fans and give an insight into their lives. But this last week the BBC reported a number of athletes who are thinking of leaving the site due to the issues they are finding when you open yourself up to live feedback from passionate supporters (and non-supporters).

Is a Financial ‘Twitter Incentive’ for Athletes the Way Forward?

A news article that come out from the US this last week is one that caught my attention straight away. We know the UFC have been the most progressive of all sports, and probably most businesses, in its advocacy and use of social media.

19 not out… Social Media, Sport and the Music Charts

The dawn of the social media age and the advent of the download era of music has given rise in recent years to an influx of spontaneous re-issues and re-releases that have resulted in the music charts taking on something of a retro feel.

Wayne Rooney & Twitter: A PR Masterstroke?

Rooney is the latest EPL player to join twitter. Is this a masterstroke in helping heal his image with the clubs fans after the contract debacle and his almost year long loss of form?

EPL Social Media League

Football Marketing have released their first Social Media league which combines a teams Facebook and Twitter followings. It has been a busy data gathering time for them as they have also released a MLS version and a Worldwide football club version.