The Definitive list of eSports in Sports Organisations

eSports is an area we have discussed many times, read many articles about and rarely does a conference go by without it being mentioned. In fact at Brighton next week we have a panel devoted to just this subject (remember to sign up!).

Mario Leo is one of the speakers in Brighton and RESULT Sports is globally known for its Digital Platform, especially the analytics, monitoring and visualisation for the current status of Digital Media in Sports. They’ve just released their latest study that provides a holistic overview for the current status of #eSports in Sports organisations.

The Term #eSports

eSports comes from electronic sports and is an ‘umbrella term’ for competitive video gaming. It has been around for many years, but the global eSports market has been growing very rapidly, especially in the past couple of years and this growth is expected to continue for the foreseeable future.

eSports in Sports Organisations

Beşiktaş Istanbul launched a league of legends team in January 2015 and is therefore known as the pioneer for sports organisations. Whether there was a dedicated strategy behind the Besiktas initiative is not fully known, but since then, there is literally a run of sports clubs joining eSports.

As of June 25th 2017 there are 60 sports organisations on three continents and in 18 countries active in eSports. The majority are football clubs (55), which are all active on FIFA. Four Basketball teams, where in fact Baskonia Baskets were the third sports organisation to launch a dedicated eSports team and two Ice Hockey teams complete the list. League of Legends and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive are the ‘preferred’ teams outside of sports.

Almost daily there is news, discussions and updates around eSports in sports organisations, which triggered the idea to provide some important answers and clarifications, especially on the following topics:

  • Which sports organisation is active?
  • Who is offering which game?
  • When did they launch their eSports activities?
  • Do they offer a dedicated digital media offering?
  • How large is currently the digital community?

Here are the results…

The eSports encyclopedia will be regularly modified on and you can find RESULT Sport on Twitter at @resultsports.

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