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Adidas’s venture into the underground brings branding to new depths

Over the past few months, Adidas have been quietly working on their marketing strategy. We’ve already seen their attempts over the European Championships this summer, and also their attempts to

The top most-followed footballers on social media is a surprising list

When it comes to footballers on social media, there seems to be a new gaffe of some kind making the news every week. Now and then, there’s something good to

Dallas Mavericks blaze the trail on emerging streaming formats

The Dallas Mavericks last week became the first team in the NBA to join streaming formats Roku, Live.ly and Musical.ly, as sports teams rush to engage audiences by seeking out

Digital Sport’s Weekly Wash-Up 16/11/16

The NBA Scores Big with New Ad Partners #TheStarters Twitter Show is live in 5 minutes at 11am ET!https://t.co/iAGEfqZJ8d — The Starters (@TheStarters) November 15, 2016 The NBA bet big on

French club Toulouse are winners on social media

Toulouse know all about losing. It’s not just in the name, but the French Ligue 1 club only managed to escape relegation from the top flight on the very last

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Digital Sport’s Weekly Wash-Up 4/11/16

ESPN Claims Reports of its Death Have Been Greatly Exaggerated Last Friday, tv audience tracking firm Nielsen released data that indicated ESPN had lost 621,00 subscribers in the month of

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Digital Sport’s Weekly Wash-Up 21/10/16

BT Sport celebrates football art BT Sport has been advertising Champions League fixtures with a series of striking pieces of artwork that cover a diverse range of creative styles. You

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Interview: Alex Trickett, Global Sports Chair & Head of UK Sport at Twitter

Dan McLaren sat down with Twitter’s Alex Trickett to discuss his rise from aspiring journalist to Head of UK Sport via social media lead at BBC Sport. #Podcast

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Twitter Lineup XIs show why lower leagues can’t compete with the Premier League

We know that football clubs like to play around on Twitter to see what works and what doesn’t. Clubs are all about protecting that brand and raking in that engagement.

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The 5 best reactions to the NFL’s GIF ban

The NFL’s new ban on teams shooting footage from inside the stadium and then sharing it on social media is not necessarily the most scandalous in its storied history of