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When is an endorsement classed as an endorsement and what is the future of #sponsored content?

How can it be monitored? When is an endorsement classed as an endorsement? When does #ad or #sponsored need to be applied? Does it even need to be applied? Who moderates this?

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Gatorade teams up with social media platforms

Gatorade has announced the launch of a project named “Bolt Breakers” in which its partnered with a number of tech platforms to develop new technology to assist athletes. In partnership

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Digital Sport’s Weekly Wash-up 05/02/2016

Cristiano Ronaldo is surprised by 4K technology in a new commercial Altice ambassador and Real Madrid superstar Cristiano Ronaldo appears in the new commercial for the French telecommunications company, SFR, owned by

Big brands cough up for Super Bowl 50 exposure on Twitter

Major companies including Pepsi and Anheuser-Busch have rolled out custom emojis on Twitter just in time for Super Bowl 50 for a price tag of around US$1 million. The custom emojis

La Liga launches official Twitter handle in English

Spanish League La Liga has officially launched a new Twitter account to cover all the latest news and action from Liga BBVA (first division) and Liga Adelante (second division) in

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Facebook joins the sports game with its own Sports Stadium

Determined not to miss out on the buzz generated by social media users during sports events, Facebook has launched a ‘Sports Stadium’ feature which allows Facebook users to experience sports

LeBron James answers Twitter user in new Kia ad

Kia has unveiled its new series of humorous and entertaining advertisements featuring its global ambassador, basketball superstar LeBron James Looking to appeal to a younger, more sports orientated market, the car

The Australian Open is getting increasingly creative on social media

With the first Grand Slam of the season well and truly underway, the Australian Open has looked to get creative off the court onto our digital platforms with new social

Digital Sport’s Weekly Wash-up 15/01/2016

Adidas celebrates Lionel Messi Last Monday, Lionel Messi won his fifth Ballon d’Or and set yet another record. His long-term sponsor Adidas made the most of his success launching a new

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How the Meerkat linkup with GoPro is going to lead to some extreme livestreaming

Meerkat announced at Vidcon last month their new capability to pair with a GoPro for mobile live streaming. This move could make a big change to their position in the fight with the Twitter owned live streaming app Periscope.