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Digital Sport’s Weekly Wash-up 05/02/2016

Cristiano Ronaldo is surprised by 4K technology in a new commercial Altice ambassador and Real Madrid superstar Cristiano Ronaldo appears in the new commercial for the French telecommunications company, SFR, owned by

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How technology is helping sports broadcasting to reach new heights

Sport needs broadcasting as much as broadcasting needs sport. Television money has transformed sports like football (soccer for our American readers), taking it from the back pages to headline news.

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Altice wins exclusive French broadcasting rights to Premier League

Dutch broadcaster Altice has been awarded exclusive broadcasting rights to the Barclays Premier League in France and Monaco as well as non-exclusive rights in Andorra, Luxembourg and Switzerland starting from

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Managing the unpredictable: Severity of Injuries in the Premier League

The Premier League has become one of the most popular football leagues in the world, with a continuously growing global audience. The league features world-class players from every continent, demanding

Australian Telecoms company wins Premier League TV rights

Optus, an Australian telecoms company and a major sponsor of the country’s football league has won the exclusive broadcast and digital rights to the English Premier League. With companies not

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Tailored broadcast advertising for football field perimeter walls to hit Premier League

If you think the technology used in wearables is sophisticated, you’ll be impressed by what’s about to grace the Premier League with the introduction of digiBOARD DBR – a joint

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Premier League announce partnership with Pulselive

The Barclays Premier League has confirmed that it has formed a partnership with Pulselive, a digital division of sports tech company Hawk-Eye that will involve the redevelopment of the League’s

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Twitter dominating Premier League statistics

As football teams continue to search for ways to engage with their fans, statistics have showed that fans are just as eager to interact with their favourite teams with Premier

Everton renew agreement with ticket marketplace StubHub

Everton has renewed its agreement with StubHub until the end of the 2016/17 season. This means that StubHub will remain the Club’s official ticket marketplace for at least the next two seasons.

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Why Vine is becoming a nightmare for the Premier League

“Premier League set to clamp down on unofficial Vine videos of goals as they get tough on copyright laws” announced the Independent, who were amongst a number of leading publications to debate the issue. We knew it was coming. It had to. Rights holders weren’t just going to sit-by and let it happen